Malcastina Silereash

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Malcastinia Silereash is the secretary of her mistress Kearian Leneillean, Cleric of Corellon Larethian and Ambassador to the Dwarves of Clan Stonehelm and surrounding areas in the Kron Hills and the Lortmils. Her main duties are to be the eyes and ears for her mistress and often transports official documents between Stonehelm and The Grand Court of The Palace of the Faerie Queen.

Recently the Dwarven miners have been concerned of scouting expeditions not returning home.

On her last messenger run, she returned to the Clan Holdings to find the entire settlement put to the sword. Even the Gnomes and Halflings in the immediate area were slaughtered. She pressed in to find her Mistress but could not enter the mining complex or Moradin
Temple , for her path was blocked by a Minotar standing picket just inside the Temple which also served as access to the mine proper. Although not without her own resorces Malcastina knew that she was no match for the beast and she would have to find help to defeat it.

As she surveyed the area she saw a force, maybe 15 miles away, moving in the direction of the Village of Hommlet , but the force stayed off the main road and moved toward the crossroads and the small settlement of Humans and Gnomes. She could see their metal glinting in the quickly setting sun.

She fought with herself and thought of her mistress then of the settlers at the Cameron’s Trading Post. She felt it was her duty to find help to defeat the force left at the mine and to warn/help defend the village. Indecision tore at her.

It was getting dark; even her keen Elven vision was failing her. She had been traveling for the past 2 days, the last part through the Kron Hills. She was tired but never considered giving up or just saving herself. She offered up a prayer for help, whispering, "Hei-Corollon shar-shelevu serones (Corellon, may your grace grant assistance). "

She grimaced in frustration then sagged against a tree before regaining her resolve and again set off through the hills after the murderers whoever they might be.

Malcastina Silereash

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