Bobebearick “Bob” Kaga Mok

Half-Orc Barbarian


Brian’s character


Kraylos led his brothers Barga and Bobearick “Bob”, into the clearing with a small pool in it and all three collapsed into the water and drank feverishly. All three had their faces painted red (blood) on one side and black (mourning) on the other. This was the sign used by all the human, humanoid and demi-human tribes on the Wild Coast and the Pomarj that they were under a “Blood Vengeance”. It told everyone they were not a war party but were looking for someone specific.

They were in pursuit of Kurum Hiryu Mok of Clan Mauler, their brother. The pursuers didn’t believe, at first, that their exiled brother had helped kill or sell everyone in of their Clan, until the old Shachem told them with his dying breath. Kraylos confirmed it when he found Kurum’s tracks near 6 of the raid sites that decimated his people. On the last raid he killed their father and took “Valerac” the orc double axe. In the common tongue in translated into “Roller”.

The three had been away skirmishing with the bugbear Clan Vettrisser, their mortal enemies, when everything happened. When they returned the dying said they heard the slavers speaking about a village called Hommlet. So the brothers picked up the Sachem’s white peace belt, the last emblem of their people and lit out for retribution.

The enormous half orc, “Bob”, shouted to his human brother, “How far?”

“Two days and a bit,” Kraylos replied.

“That trails cold, are you sure it’s him,” Barga asked. He turned to his half brother “Bob” and said, “I can carry my pack now.”

“Just rest big brother, I got enough carrying for both of us,” “Bob” replied to the druid with a wink.

“It’s him,” Kraylos said as he stared toward the trail to Hommlet. “I can feel him,” he said with resolution.

Then “Bob” broke the silence and said, “Well that bastard ain’t going into his grave without our help and that trail ain’t getting any closer. Let’s roll!” and the three disappeared deeper into the Gnarly Forest.

Bobebearick “Bob” Kaga Mok

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