Aerengard Leidstein von Rhynehurst

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Aerengard Leidstein von Rhynehurst was born eldest Grandson of His Lordship, the Viscount Wilfrick of Verbobonc. His mother Lady Errasaleen von Rhynehurst gave birth to him a mere 4 months after her marriage to the disgraced drunkard Graf Freyhaldenhoven von Rhynehurst from the County of Rhynehurst .

It is whispered in the court of Castle Grayfist the Viscount paid off Freyhaldenhoven’s father 100,000 gold pieces and had to get the boy drunk before the ceremony, which took place after a courtship of only 3 days. This gossip is highly doubted as Errasaleen stunning beauty is only rivaled by her disposition.

Many stories swirl about the martially inclined but highly chivalrous cavalier Aerengard. His face and hands have never been seen and when not wearing a fully visored helm and gloves, he wears an ornate metal facemask. The official story is the boy is cursed with a wasting disease that the sages, arcanes and clerics of Verbobonc cannot cure.

The boy is NEVER found in court favoring the riding pitch and falconry than the balls, dinner parties and dances hosted by his Grandfather.

Aerengard is hopelessly devoted to his grandfather the Viscount but his loyalty to the state is in high question. The Aerengard is clearly favored in court by his Grandfather over his own son Landgard, the rightful successor of the Viscounty. The tension between Aerengard and Landgard can be cut with a knife, as Aerengard is a champion of the lance, battle axe and long sword while Landgard is the politician and courtesan of the family.

Aerengard has broken with tradition of the Viscounty and attends services at the Church of Heironeous and can been seen taking communion every morning on horseback. He still addresses The North Kingdom as the “Evil Empire”. It is said he is questing to become a mythical Knight of the Emilijiah much to the laughter of the Grayfist court. Others say his order is the Knight Protectors of the Empire of Great Kingdom.

His love for his grandfather is only contended for his love of horses. The Brother Commander of Heironeous said to him one day, “You sure love those animals.”

Aerengard replied, “Because they don’t point and whisper.”

The same cleric told one of his acolytes, “That trooper may be cursed of physical beauty but Heironeous has blessed him 10 fold with martial and inner beauty.”

Aerengard Leidstein von Rhynehurst

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